The staff here at SimsFilmFest are comprised of a small group of dedicated simmers from a variety of different backgrounds. We have been involved with the festival to varying degrees for many years, and have seen it grow from a whimsical idea into a flourishing event for The Sims machinima community.

Jorgha-Haq is the figurehead for this group of misfits, who tirelessly runs the site and festival on a day-to-day basis. If you send us submissions, a query, or playbill update, Jorgha will be the first to see it. She keeps on top of the workload so you all can enjoy the festivities when opening day rolls around. She is the glue that keeps us together, giving us the ability to present you with the best festival we can.

Gus Rockman is a master machinimator, site designer, graphic artist, and all-around tech guy. He greases those moving parts, designs and tweaks those awesome logos, and gives expert advice on how to best run the festival when we have one of our in-depth discussions. How he manages it on top of his own project we will never know. He is second in charge, and together with Jorgha, they make the machinima and festival experts of the group.

Peacemaker_ic isn’t a machinimator, but he brings a range of other skills and talents to the table. The level-headed advisor, he is able to bring sense and reason to the discussions, and the perspective of someone outside of the machinima community. He also helps Gus with graphic design work and the site. He also helps Jorgha with some of the day-to-day duties of the festival, as well as the magazine.

Emily (SimtationProductions) is a new addition to the SimsFilmFest community and staff. Her first time participating in SimsFilmFest was during Season 16, but has been a fan of machinima for around 8 years. She mainly uses TS3, but owns TS2 and 4 as well. If she’s not messing around with the sims, Emily is probably writing or creating music.

Raven joined the team in Fall 2017. She gained an extreme interest in SimsFilmFest after entering her film, Eat. She loves the art of machinima making and has been making sims videos since 2008. She spends a lot of her time (when away from The Sims) going to theatre shows, performances, screen acting, voice acting, and art conventions. She enjoys writing horror and especially enjoys watching it. Mystery and Thriller has always been her fortae. Raven also adores the French language and is nearly fluent.

Alan Hawke is a voice-over artist, published short story author, and a really avid gamer. So basically one super nerdy eighteen year old. This is his first season working for Sims Film Fest, which means it’s his time to prove himself as the new blood on the staff! So while primarily providing moral support and looking fabulous, he also conducts voice-actor interviews to bring you those behind the scene goodies for those premieres entered into Sims Film Fest.

Tyra‘s bio under construction.

Shann is a machinima director and voice actress under the channel Tickled007, and has been a Sims fan for a long time. There’s another thing that she loves aside from machinima, and that’s some good ol Crispy Fried Chicken. She has been a staff member since Season 14, doing promo videos and some interviews. She hopes to bring everyone the best of fun in the Sims Film Festival.