Battle of the Bands Returns!

Battle of the Bands was always a favourite contest back when SimsFilmFest was hosted by Simatography. We’re hoping we can revive it and make it bigger than ever.

It was conceived as a creativity showcase for those who don’t make machinima to participate in the festival, and to keep people engaged while the directors put together their projects. The biggest complaint that we got was that it started to overshadow the machinima part of the festival and many suggested that it be held on its own. So, here we are. With the machinima festival being held once a year now, we can allot proper time for Battle of the Bands.

But what is Battle of the Bands? Those who enter are tasked with creating an original band or solo artist and bringing them to life through role play and creating promotional materials. In the past entrants have even created websites and social media accounts for their bands.

Was it mentioned that no one is required to make machinima for this contest? If you want to make a machinima, that’s cool! We will be giving awards for the videos, but it is not required.

Check out some of the previous bands and artists that were created for Battle of the Bands. (Images are linked to Rising Stars magazine on Issuu. Be sure to click to view them). By no means is this every entry we ever received, but it is a good example of some of the creative entries we received. 

Rising Stars CacophonyRising Stars Toxic DreamRising Stars Number 9Rising Stars Nightcrawlers







Rising Stars Dolly ChixRising stars britt J Rising Stars Grace De LuceRising Stars Oliver Harris








As you can see, the entrants can be anything you want them to be from any music genre. It’s all about creativity.

For more information and to enter Battle of the Bands, check out the Battle of the Bands page here on the website. We’ve got a few issues with the site to iron out before we start accepting promotional materials for entries, but we should have them taken care of in no time. Meanwhile, put on your thinking cap and decide who and what you want your band or artist to be! As always, this is open to all versions of The Sims!

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