Website Feature Update

We have galleries! Just not one gallery, but multiple galleries!

We are actually very excited about this because it’s going to allow so much more of your content on the website and help us better organize things! What we can do with this is nearly limitless, and it’s something that we have wanted to do for a while.

• There are now separate galleries for everything. This means no more waiting for us to empty a gallery before you can upload something. Machinima posters, Red Carpet, etc all have their own space on the website now. Each Battle of the Bands entry will even have it’s own gallery page!

• Directors can now request a Directors Gallery for images from their projects.

Some things that everyone needs to be aware of. Images will no longer appear on the image uploader page. They will show up on their respective gallery pages. We have provided an index on the image gallery page (can be found under participate in the navigation menu) to help you find what you are looking for.

If you want to share pictures from your projects, you will need to request a directors gallery. This gallery will have your directors name on it and can be used to share images from your projects. We will be creating galleries for Battle of the Band entrants as we get them. Unfortunately WordPress will not set up galleries on it’s own and we have to tell it where to put them. It’s a quick and easy enough to set up, but please give us 24 hours before inquiring about you gallery. Once it is set up  you will be provided with a link to where you can find it and we will add it to the gallery index.

Pull down menu imageAll galleries appear in the pull down menu on the image gallery page where you upload your videos. Please make sure that you are using the proper gallery. The galleries are clearly labeled what goes where, and as mentioned before, Battle of the Bands entrants and directors will have personalized gallery names. Please do not put anything in the ‘unclassified’ gallery. It’s a default gallery that WordPress sets up that we can’t delete.



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