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This page has changed, so please read everything closely. Since this is a new setup there may be bugs so please let us know ASAP if you have any problems.

• Please use the uploader to submit your images, you will need to be signed into the site in order to do so. Please do not email us images/posters unless we request it.

• By uploading images to the website you agree to abide by the rules of the site. 

• You can now upload more than one image at a time. 

• Make sure you are uploading your images to the proper gallery. i.e. festival posters go in the festival poster gallery, red carpet photos go in the red carpet gallery, etc.

• Please give us 24 hours to set up your gallery page before contacting us. Once it is set up all the images that you upload to it should appear. If they don’t please let us know. This is a new way of doing thing for us so there are bound to be a few bugs that need worked out. 

• You are able to make your own collections for sharing images outside of what would go into a gallery. In order to do this, you will need to name your collection. Use your machinima name, Battle of the Bands band name, or your director name.  

• All posters need to be 831 x 1175 pixels and must either be in JPG or PNG format (we do prefer PNG as this format holds resolution best when resizing). If posters do not meet size and format guidelines they will be deleted. This includes both the machinima festival and Battle of the Bands. Please make sure your poster file names contain the name of your machinima. 

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Season 19 Posters

• Red Carpet

2019 Battle of the Bands



Please read this carefully.

By uploading images to SimsFilmFest you agree to our censorship policy (can be found in detail on the Rules page). We do our best to keep the festival enjoyable to all ages and things my be kept at PG-13 or lower (ESRB T Rating). This means:

  • • Nothing with the intention to hurt or harm another person
  • • Nothing that shows rape, incest, child pornography, or other non-consensual sex. 
  • • No pornography. There is a difference between artistic nudity and pornography. If you really need the difference explained (or what constitutes pornography), we will be more than happy to explain. 
  • • Nothing that supports racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and/or bullying
  • • Do not upload anything that contains foul or offensive language, gestures, nudity, or depictions of sex

Any images that violate our censorship policy we reserve the right to remove. 

You retain the rights of all of your content. SimsFilmFest may use it for promotion of your projects but your name will always be attached to your images.

We are not responsible for the loss of anything on the website