Battle of the Bands

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If you are looking for the Program (list of entries) you can find it here.



  1. • Create an original band or solo artist. You can only enter one band/artist. Your band/artist CAN NOT be a recreation of a band that already exists in the real world. Your band/artist must be your own creation. The contest is open to all versions of The Sims.
  2. • The same censorship rules apply that apply to SimsFilmFest machinima entries. Please remember that this is an all ages festival and that we do not allow anything that is not PG-13 (ESRB T Rating). We will not allow anything that promotes racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and/or bullying. We have the right to reject or censor any material that contains nudity, foul language, excessive blood or gore, use of alcohol/drugs/tobacco, intense violence or sexual content.
  3. • Use your imagination and creativity and bring your band/artist to life. You are their manager. How do you want them promoted? Give them their own website or social media accounts! Make the audience want to vote for them! There is a bit of roll play that is involved in this. You are required to create the following for your band/artist.

• A poster – all bands and musicians have posters that fans hang on the wall. What does yours look like? Be sure this contains the Battle of the Bands logo (full sized logo can be downloaded on the Brands Asset page).

• At least one album/CD cover (track listing optional) – all the best musicians have at the very least a demo disc that they send out.

• A magazine cover – you can use a real life magazine or make one up.

• A playbill – you know, those things that bands plaster everywhere to let you know what venue they are going to be playing at.

• An advert – what company has sponsored your band/artist? What product line have they come up with? Some bands promote guitar brands while solo artists have gone on to have their own perfume lines. Be creative here.

• Photos – we want to see photos of your band/artist performing on stage, interacting with fans, doing what they do in their down time, or even those candid (and annoying) paparazzi shots.

• A music video – this one has always been totally optional because we want people to participate who do not necessarily make machinima. However, if you make machinima we would love to see one of your band/artist. (You can use a song by a real life band/artist for this).

• An interview – we will provide the interview questions to you. It is up to you to bring your band/artist to life and have them answer the questions.

• Any other promo material you want to make, this includes things like social media pages or websites to promote your band. 

For examples of what we are looking for please visit Thanatos, a previous Battle of the bands entry.

  1. • Winners will be chosen by vote from The Sims Community. Categories will depend on how many entries we get.
  2. • All material must be in by November 1. We will compile all of your materials into individual magazines that we will promote across our social media pages for the community to see where they can choose their favourites! It is also up to you to promote your band/artist as well.
  3. • Voting opens November 15 and ends December 1 with winners announced shortly after. 
  4. • Have fun!


Be aware that we will be using all the materials that you submit to us for Battle of the Bands for the purpose of promotion. Please ensure that your band poster is sized properly.

Use the image uploader to upload all your materials. Making sure you put them under Battle of the Bands in the drop down menu.  You do not have to submit everything at once. Please do not email us any materials unless we ask you to.

Your images will not show up until we have created a gallery page for you. As soon as this is done someone will email you the link to your gallery. Please give us 24 hours before contacting us about it.


Please direct any questions you have to our discord server or email us.