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Though SimsFilmFest is a site without peer in its niche and an important resource for many machinimators, it has always been a labor of love. The site has grown so much in the last few years but our small team has remained roughly the same size. We want to continue to be able to devote our time to bringing you this content, to shine a light on this amazing but often overlooked art form. Many of you have asked how you can help or support the site, and now here’s your chance!

If you find value in SimsFilmFest, if you’ve ever joined the festival or been sucked into a time vortex of oohs and ahhs, please consider the following ways of supporting us.



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Patreon is a system that enables fans to support and engage with the creators and communities they love. It’s a crowd-funding service kind of like Kickstarter, except instead of a one-time donation, you can support a project on an ongoing basis. For SimsFilmFest, that means you can help the site become sustainable, enable us to try new features and find ways to give back to the community.

The money will go directly toward server and hosting costs, the initial cost for setting up the site, and if we get extra money, we’ll be able to add new features and do giveaways.

If you love what we’re doing and want to be a big part of SimsFilmFest’s future, help us by becoming a Patron! Every little bit helps.


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