Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the name changed from SIFF to SimsFilmFest?
It’s still the Sims International Film Festival. There has been some confusion in the past with the acronym SIFF, as it also stands for Seattle International Film Festival, and we discovered it is trademarked. This is why we shortened things to SimsFilmFest.

Why are you using season numbers now instead of Spring/Fall to denote what season it is?
We had a long discussion about this and…okay, not really. It was probably a two minute discussion and decided that using spring and fall was rather North America specific. This is an international festival and not everyone has spring and fall at the same time. It seems weird and confusing, so we decided to just use season numbers. Problem solved.

Why is the festival held only once a year now?
Doing the festival twice a year was putting a lot of strain on our small team managing SimsFilmFest, and it was holding us back from incorporating new and exciting features into it. Besides doing it annually aligns better with the holidays and allots more time to complete projects.