Brand Assets

Welcome to the SimsFilmFest brand site. Use this site to understand the guidelines for using the SimsFilmFest name and logo. Please read carefully through the Usage Guidelines and, when using the SimsFilmFest logo, make sure you are using the newest logos provided in this page.

Remember that the logo must never be altered or distorted, always use our official and unmodified logo to represent us. SimsFilmFest reserves the right to object to any inappropriate uses of its trademarks and to enforce its rights at any time.


Usage Guidelines

Clear space

When you’re using the logo with other graphic elements, make sure you give our logo some room. Keep enough space around the logo so it appears clean and uncluttered.

Brand Logo Space Image

Try using the width of the “I” as a base for clear space. The important thing to remember is to keep enough space around the logos so they appear clean and uncluttered.

Common errors

The logos must never be altered or manipulated. Always present the logos fully, being clearly visible. The examples below illustrate some of the most common application errors.

Brand Logo Dont's Image

Do not…
✘ alter or partially cover the logo.
✘ alter the proportions, position or letter spacing.
✘ stretch, condense, distort or separate logo elements.
✘ alter the color or add effects (drop shadow, glow, etc).
✘ replace the logotype with another typeface.
✘ place an image within the logotype.
✘ rotate (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) or flip.

Color Specifications

There are two ways to represent the color of the SimsFilmFest logo: Full Color (colored plumbbob) or Monochrome (black & white).

Brand Logo Colors Image

For backgrounds lighter than 50% gray, you should use the dark colored logos. For backgrounds darker than 40% gray, you should use the light colored logos.

The plumbbob is always in the blue color palette: #37bffa#2eace4; #2999cb; #2487b1.


Download our Logo

If you cannot save the image from the lightbox, right-click the link and open in a new window.

  • Download the SimsFilmFest logo: PNG
  • Download the SimsFilmFest logo (black variation): PNG
  • Download the SimsFilmFest icon: PNG
  • Download the SimsFilmFest icon (white variation): PNG
  • Download the Battle of the Bands logo: PNG


Download our Custom Content

We’ve prepared some branded custom content for you to use in your SimsFilmFest events screenshots. We’ll make sure to let you know through our social networks when we upload new content, but just in case make sure to check out this page every now and then.