Some Rule Bending

I love Jorgen von Strangle. Don’t judge me.

Seriously though, I am sure that it has come to at least one person’s attention that there is at least one person who has two videos in the same category despite the rules saying one entry per category. At the time that it was decided this would be allowed, I had a legit reason, and for the life of me I can not remember what it was. At any rate, this is totally on me.

However, where this has happened, the director is only eligible for one award. So, any award given will be for both projects combined. For example if they win Second and Third Place in the Viewers Choice category for Best Music Video (I am pretty sure that is the category in question) they will only receive the Second Place award and it will be for both videos combined. Make sense? We made the rule one entry per category because we didn’t want one person walking off with all the awards in whatever category they entered.

We also added an Other category this season because there were a number of entries that we didn’t know what to do with because they don’t quite fit the definition of machinima (a method of making animated film using software similar to that designed for making video and computer games). They are nonetheless creative and we want to encourage creativity and thinking outside the box.

We will see how all of this works out this season and if people can get behind these ideas, a collective award for multiple entries in one category and “non-machinima” entries we will continue to do things this way going forward. Feel free to provide us with any feedback as it pertains to these things, or anything else.

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