Machinima Spotlight: Perfect

I don’t think that RomerJon (Ansett4Sims) has entered anything other than a music video in SimsFilmFest. I bring this up because he proves that one can make Master with just music videos. I will be the first to admit that often music videos get overlooked when it comes to awards, and often the videos that get awards get them based on the music used. This is really quite unfortunate because putting together an idea for a music video is no easy feat. You have, on average, between 3 and 5 minutes to tell a story without any dialog. This brings us to RomerJon’s latest SimsFilmFest entry, Perfect by Ed Sheeran. This video was inspired by his own relationship problems.

RomerJon likes to feature The Loave Family in all of his videos. It’s become sort of a signature thing for him. This time around the video focuses on Jake, who travels overseas to spend time with his long distance girlfriend. Perfect takes us through their time together in sort of a summer romance type of story. 

I have actually had people tell me that sims in The Sims 4 look flat and emotionless. Those people need to take a look at this video because every time that Jake looks at this girl we believe that he worships the ground she walks on and that the sun rises and sets on her. She, however, seems to be oblivious to how he sees her. Being able to capture and convey these things through The Sims is what makes RomerJon’s machinima stand out.

sims 4 kids rollerskating

The thing about RomerJon’s videos that I have really come to admire over the years is the innocence of childhood that he captures through the children of the Loave Family. We get to see the world through the eyes of child growing up and what it’s like to experience things like first love all over again. I can’t think of any other machinimator that has done that. In fact, I can’t think of many machinimators who use children as main characters. These are elements that are rather unique to RomerJon’s projects.

As we have come to expect with RomerJon’s projects, the cinematography is flawless. The attention to detail in the sets is impeccable. There are a lot of custom animations in Perfect, and they look as if they belong in The Sims 4.  The song and the video complement each other well. You don’t have to be an Ed Sheeran fan to enjoy this video and appreciate everything that went into it.


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