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We love surveys and actually find them very helpful. We try to incorporate everyone’s ideas when and where we can. Going forward with the site redesign and our plans for Season 18, Gus created a survey to get your opinions and to help us out.


If everyone could take a few minutes to fill it out, it would help us greatly. 

We have already had a few people participate and I always like to address comments that we get. It helps everyone understand what it takes to run the festival and answers questions for newbies.

...In the two years that I have known about SFF it just seems very unorganized. The magazines would never come out despite there being more than enough staff to work on it…

Last season was the first season we really had more than 3 or 4 staff member, so no, there always hasn’t been enough staff to smoothly do a magazine. The magazine is really one of the most time consuming elements of the festival. We love our magazines so it is rather frustrating for us when things don’t go as planned. It really has nothing to do with being disorganized but a lot of other factors.

I have always been open about this, but I am disabled and have a deal of health problems. My health doesn’t always cooperate with what I want to do. It sucks, it’s frustrating, and as much as I try I can’t always compensate.

As for staff members, despite having a larger staff last season, three of those staff members were on temporary hiatus and have permantly left the staff (one of those individuals never followed through on stuff they said they were going to do when they were around). Two more of those staff members we always had to hunt down when we needed something. They were willing to do things, but didn’t follow what was going on from behind the scenes and it made them somewhat unreliable and made things difficult for the staff that was actively working in things. They have sense been removed from the staff. We are back down to 5 staff members, but at least we are all committed to the festival. 

Another problem we ran into last season was the bulk of the directors who agreed to interviews didn’t send us their interviews back. Some of them even dropped out of the festival. We can’t put out a magazine if we don’t get back the content we need for it. We can ask for things 100 times but that doesn’t mean we are going to get them. The festival depends on it’s participants to provide the promo stuff that we ask for: posters, trailers, images, interviews, etc to make it work. If we don’t get these things there really isn’t a lot we can do.

Someone wrote a short review of my trailer last year and gave out misleading details

I don’t remember who was in charge of trailers last season but I’m going to look into this. We ask for plot summaries where this kind of thing doesn’t happen.I am a bit annoyed that we weren’t told when it happened. If we aren’t told that a mistake was made when it happens it’s really kind of hard to fix. If we screw something up we want to know when it happens. No one is going to bite your head off for telling us. 

Also, the voting doesn’t seem fair to me…

We hear this multiple times every year. I am going to be dedicating a blog post to the award system, Be watching for that. 

Thank you for your feedback. Seriously. It is much appreciated. 

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