Voting Issues and Extension

I want to say this is a good news bad news sort of thing, but it’s not. I’m not sure it qualifies. I mean, the bad news is several issues were found with the polls and playlists that have affected the polls, the good news is that it’s all finally fixed…24 hours before the polls close. That’s not going to do.

We really do try our hardest to keep things as fair as possible and in this case it means re-doing some of the polls. It’s honestly only two polls that have been affected that we need everyone to re-vote in. We are extending the voting for a week – so voting will officially close on July 1 to give everyone a chance to recast their votes. Our apologies for this screw up.

On a similar note, we are still looking for past masters and alumni who have watched all of the entries to help us decide on the Tech Merit Awards. If you are able to help us out, please drop us a note.

Now for the new copies of the polls.


Thanks for everyone’s understanding and for sticking with us this season through the technical difficulties.

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