Welcome to the new SimsFilmFest!

Welcome to the new home for the one and only Sims International Film Festival! We’ve been working hard these past few months to provide you with the best experience enjoying the festival. We are sure that everyone will appreciate the changes once you get used to them.

As always we welcome suggestions and feedback so feel free to contact us or leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the new SimsFilmFest experience. If you haven’t, please register to use the site, some of the features are inaccessible unless you are registered (for example, you won’t be able to upload your machinima posters).

The biggest change that you are going to see is that the festival is no longer hidden away in a forum. It takes place right on the website. It might take everyone a bit to get used to this, but we are very excited to be able to finally have a fully interactive website.



All the information is now distributed between four main areas: About, Explore, Participate, and Contribute. Battle of the Bands will have its own dedicated sub-site which we are still working on.

The About area contains the contact form and all the information regarding the site (current staff members, frequently asked questions, and brand assets).

In the Explore area you will find all the showcase material for the festival, such as playlists with the current season’s machinimas, a list with each season’s Machinima Masters, a voice actor directory, a poster gallery, and coming soon our biggest and most ambitious addition to SimsFilmFest: a machinima database, with all the submitted machinimas and directors!

The Participate area contains all the pages you will have to access to take part in our festival and forums. You will find the calendar with upcoming events and important dates, the rules you must follow when participating in the festival, the entry form, and last but not least, the forums.

The Contribute area has all the necessary information regarding all the ways you can support the festival (donation and Patreon links, a list with our patrons, and a scouting page where we list the kind of help we are needing at the moment).


To save our time (and sanity) we introduced new automated contact and entry forms, which will result in a better organisation of the emails we get and faster response times. The festival has grown out of proportions, and with that the amount of communication between the staff and the community as well. We are still a small staff, so any features to speed up and automate some processes are highly welcomed!

Speaking of automation, we are currently working on something huge for the festival: the machinima database. This will contain every submitted machinima up to date, creating a huge browsable database like what you would expect on Netflix and the like. You’ll be able to watch the machinimas right on the site, without needing to leave! So there’s something to be excited about.


Last, but not least, this site and all the upcoming features wouldn’t be possible without the huge support and work from the staff. Maintaining the site and working behind the scenes to make each season of the festival possible is very taxing, that’s why we welcome any kind of contribution! From donations to spreading the word, or even joining our team, anything helps keep SimsFilmFest being the best place to find and share Sims machinima.

Written by: Gus Rockman

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The Sims International Film Festival was created in 2010 as a way to foster creativity in The Sims community through machinima, an art form that uses video game footage to make movies. Over the years, as new entries in The Sims franchise were released and new editing methods became available, we’ve seen a lot of changes, but one thing has remained constant: our commitment to showcasing the creativity of this community and inspiring new artists.

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