Best TS3 Machinima Award Will NOT Be Given

Voting polls for this season have closed and looked over. I may have inadvertently ended up closing them a day early so I hope that everyone who wanted to vote go to. (Those that are voting for Tech Merit awards, you have until tomorrow night). 

As everyone can tell by the title of this blog entry, this is going to be full of bad news. This was going to be addressed in Insider Magazine with the winners but decided against it.

There is no way that we can give out an award for Best TS3 Machinima this season because of a problem with the poll. We can’t even begin to sort this mess out and the worst thing is, we have no idea how it happened or why this particular poll. We require people to be logged into a Google account to prevent these problems. It’s one vote per person (or at worst, per Google account). There is always the chance that when the poll was put up that it was screwed up on our end. Even if that is the case, we expect people to have some integrity and be honest about things.

So…let’s get into this.

First, the entire staff is seriously flattered that someone out there thinks that we get well over 3,000 votes per poll. We aren’t that popular. I wish we were. Seriously, that was a huge red flag the second it was seen. Naturally, further investigation into the poll had to be made and none of us on staff like what we saw. It angers me greatly because we had this happen several seasons back, and it’s why we switched to Google Forms. I was one of two staff people affected by it and it’s very disheartening. When those voting do this kind of thing, it doesn’t help who you are voting for. It hurts them and it hurts everyone else participating. We have stated more than once that if this kind of thing happens we will not be giving out that award and we are sticking to it.

Normally we don’t share voting results publicly, but in this case an exception is going to be made because we want everyone to see what happened.




There is no way that we can pick out what votes are legit there and which ones aren’t for Beach Side, Requiem of Time, Beautiful Problems, Breathe, and Broken Glass. There is a really good chance that the votes are legit for the other four machinimas. 

The question was raised, do we disqualify the five machinimas in question and award the Best TS3 Machinima award from there? Obviously it was a fan or fans of Broken Glass that took advantage of things so it’s really not fair to punish the other four people caught up in it all.

Our next hope was that we could easily pick out the non-legit votes. After telling Google to create a spreadsheet of the poll, we quickly discovered that wasn’t goign to happen. Not without spending more time than we should have to sorting out the spreadsheet, and even then we have no way to determine, in this case, if we have done it properly.



Since we don’t have the time to do a re-vote, no award is going to be given. Those involved in this “poll issue” know who they are and the SimsFilmFest Staff would like to thank them for screwing up our voting and screwing people out of an award. Hopefully this won’t happen again. If it does we have two options. 1. Cancel the festival all together or 2. Get a pool of judges like we do for Tech Merit awards to decide all the winners. We don’t think that anyone who participates in the festival or who are fans of it want to see either happen.

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts, opinions, concerns, whatever. You can also email us if you want to share your thoughts in a more private arena.

Written by: Jorgha Haq

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  1. RoseLovejoy October 20, 2017 |

    WooooW. This is horrible and just…jeez. So it was done without logging? Any possibility to ask google to give you the account associated with the device?

    Also, didn’t follow the entries closely this year, but anymore entries from these creators, and maybe how they’re connected?

    • Jorgha Haq October 20, 2017 |

      No worries. The person involved came forward with an apology. It will be shared in Insider Magazine along with the decisions the staff came to after much discussion. I just wish we had some way of untangling the mess with polls to award Best TS3 Machinima.

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