Project Bluelight

Sometimes when I watch a machinima I just go ASJKFHAKJGFSAJKFHSFGSAJFGSAJDHJASFGJKASGFASLF. And cry a little. Because even at the point that I’ve gotten to as a Machinima Master, people still never fail to impress me and make me wonder why I can’t do things.

Then I remember when I REALLY couldn’t do things, because I didn’t know how. I just clicked tab. V. V. And I was DONE. It took me more than a year to figure out how to even film in widescreen, because I was alone in the dark forest all by myself with no one to show me the way.

That’s why I want to show YOU the way! So that you don’t have to cry every time you lose all the quality in your video because you have to crop in order to get rid of vertical letterboxing…..

…Also so that you might understand what vertical letterboxing is. Trust me, I didn’t even know what that was when I was in the dark forest alone. I used to call them “bitch ass black bars on the side of my video.”

This project will show you out of that forest, fast! Plus, there’s a competitive aspect. Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition?


Written by: peacemaker_ic

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