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Machinima Poster Poll

We are looking at making machinima posters for all entries mandatory, as they are used when putting together the final magazine. It is time consuming to have to stop work on the magazine numerous times to watch machinimas in order to grab a screen shot for an image that can be used in the magazine. We then risk not using something that the directors would like to represent their project. Before we make the final decision, we want to know your thoughts on this, so please, take a moment to let us know your thoughts.   For those who participate in SimsFilmfest, how do you feel about machinima posters being mandatory for all entries? Please remember, that you can leave comments on the blog posts to let us know your thoughts if the poll just doesn’t cut it.

Possible New Site Feature for Consideration

In our End of the Season Feedback Questionnaire the idea of IMBD like ratings was suggested to show up in Insider Magazine. I don’t believe that Insider Magazine is the place for such a thing for a number of reasons. The biggest is we would have to depend on the viewers at home to send us stuff to print and depending on how excited people are to give their own reviews the magazine could end up nothing but reviews. However, it is something we can do on the site.  Before I go any further I need to say a few things. This is going to be a time consuming project to implement. Gus and I don’t mind doing it as long as people are going to use it.  We will not allow anonymous reviews to be posted to the site. A name and email must be attached to the review (emails will not be ...

End of Season Feedback Questionnaire

We’ve had a few problems this season that we would like to prevent in the future. Please take the time and fill out the end of the season feedback questionnaire to help us prevent those problems in the future and improve the festival for everyone. Thank you. You will need to be signed into your google account. All answers are recorded anomalously. Loading…

Important Festival Information

Today was supposed to be the opening day of SimsFilmFest and I am experiencing a deal of frustration right now in regards to the festival. I chose not to do the last magazine because I couldn’t write anything without being bitchy. I’m still having that problem. Over the last two and a half weeks or so I have gotten an plethora of people asking me the same two things. 1. Why isn’t my trailer/machinima on the playlist? 2. I’m confused by the email you sent out. When are projects due? This is seriously aggravating because people who have entered the festival numerous times are telling me they didn’t know they were supposed to send in emails with links to their trailer and finished project. I have always asked for this. I remind everyone of this constantly in the magazine, and on Facebook and Twitter. It’s always been in the welcome ...

The Sims Mannequin Challenge

Those of you who have been around SimsFilmFest for a while know that in the past there have been mini challenges of sorts that we have done and featured during the festival. One season we did 5 Facts where you did a video and listed 5* facts about yourself … … and another season we did Happy In* set to Happy by Pharrell Williams …   This season we are bringing back the mini challenge with … THE MANNEQUIN CHALLENGE What is the Mannequin Challenge? The Mannequin Challenge is a viral Internet video trend where people remain frozen in action like mannequins while a video is recorded, usually with the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd playing in the background. This should be easy enough to do in The Sims, right? So let’s do this.   The Rules: We will start accepting your videos ...

…And The Winners Are

Season 14 of SimsFilmFest has come to a close. We would like to thank everyone who joined us this season and we hope to see you next season. A list of winners will be added to the archives for both season 13 and season 14 by request in the coming weeks as we clean up the site and ready it for next season. In the meantime, enjoy the final magazine with all the winners!  

The Sims International Film Festival was created in 2010 as a way to foster creativity in The Sims community through machinima, an art form that uses video game footage to make movies. Over the years, as new entries in The Sims franchise were released and new editing methods became available, we’ve seen a lot of changes, but one thing has remained constant: our commitment to showcasing the creativity of this community and inspiring new artists.

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