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Some of you have told us that you want us to bring back the SimsFilmFest Poster Contest, and we’ve listened. It was with great sadness several seasons ago that we did away with this part of the festival due to lack of interest and participation. The staff is thrilled that there is once again interest, after all, posters are needed to promote festivals and there are some talented graphics people in the community. Our goal has always been to give as many people who are interested different ways to participate. The main focus of SimsFilmFest has always been, and will always be, machinima. However, we want ways for non-machinimators to be able to take part in the festival. 

The Festival Poster portion of SimsFilmFest is open to anyone in the Sims Community who wants to make and submit a poster or posters. We allow you to submit up to 5 posters All posters submitted will be put up for public vote and the winning poster will be one of our main promotional items for the duration of the festival. To keep things as fair as possible we never reveal who made what poster until the winner is announced.


  • • Posters must be 831 x 1175 pixels in size. Either PNG or JPG format. We’ve picked this size because it resizes well and the aspect ratio is perfect for any magazines we do.
  • • Posters must contain the SimsFilmFest logo found on the Brand Assets page. Please follow the guidelines for using the logos where Gus Rockman’s head doesn’t explode. Seriously though, the logo is all about branding and having a logo that people recognize. If anyone has any of the old logos from when the festival was hosted with Simatography, please don’t use them. We will not accept any posters with old logos.
  • • Posters must contain relevant information for the SimsFilmFest festival season. This includes the SimsFilmFest website (, the festival season (Season 18) or festival year (2019), and that the festival opens July 1.
  • • Posters must NOT contain any foul or offensive language, gestures, nudity, or deceptions of sex. 


  • • Deadline for posters is February 14. Voting for posters will run from February 15 to February 28, and the winner will be announced March 1 at the official start of the season.
  • • Posters need to be uploaded to the gallery. You will need to be logged into the site in order to upload your poster(s). 
  • • You are allowed to submit up to 5 posters.

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