Scared Sims

In all honesty I was putting off watching Scared Sims because it the entry form said “first machinima” and because the title has the word “sims” in the title. The last time someone entered a first machinima with the word ‘sims’ in the title…well, we won’t talk about that. Felipe Wirys showed me! He’s broken a machinima stereotype that has been set, and created a most excellent Sims 4 machinima. After watching Terah: The Crystal of Life, I should have had higher expectations for someone’s first project. 

It is seriously going to be difficult to pick the winners for “Best New Director” this season. These projects are blowing me away this season! Let’s talk about Scared Sims.

Filipe Wirys has created a thriller that gives a Twin Peaks vibe. The story is about 8 friends who move to Newcrest and start disappearing without a trace. I should mention that it is in Portuguese and YouTube’s auto-translate still sucks. The director tells me that there will be done in English as well. I’m looking forward to that because I’m sure a few details were lost in translation.

Funeral Picture

The series opens at the funeral of Susan Scalletta and told both along the present timeline and in flashbacks. The flashbacks are labeled as to where they fall in the timeline of events. It prevents a lot of confusion.

From her funeral we visit the local police department where they are talking about a body that was finally found and how a panic must not be created.

Police officers

Newcrest isn’t the quaint quite town we think it is. Something is going on and the police are trying to get to the bottom of it. Naturally, the news is reporting it’s own thing, as the news tends to do. I mostly bring this up as an excuse to use this screenshot that I think is really cool. XD

newscast image.

From here the story moves backward to Susan attending a party, trying to talk to her parents on a bad phone connection, and ending with her murder.

Character: Susan

Scared Sims has amazing cinematography and flawless editing. It’s impossible to tell that this is Filipe’s first machinima project. The story seems very well put together. I say this not knowing a word of Portuguese and depending on auto-translated subtitles that are far from perfect. 

I am pleasantly surprised by Scared Sims and looking forward to the next episodes in this series.


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