Hamster Tales: Day 19

I have finally escaped my cage and the cupcakes are mine! Sweet delicious cupcakes! After spending days in that cramped cage running on a wheel and not getting anywhere, not to mention going through those claustrophobic tubes, I’m happy to be out.

And then there are the cupcakes! Did I mention those?

All hamsters are foodies. It is both a blessing and a curse. We would write food blogs that would rival those of any human and yet we are stuck eating food that some idiot in a lab has decided meets our nutritional needs. It’s either large chunks of…what is that stuff? It an unappetizing shade of brown and has no discernible flavour. It’s either that stuff or various mixed seeds. Hamster trail mix, if you will. What we want are cupcakes and cookies and fruit and cheesy crackers! Can’t forget the cheesy crackers! So many flavours and we get stuck giant hamster kibble that barely fits in our mouth and trail mix!

Humans obviously know nothing about hamsters! They think they do, but they don’t.

Sims 4 hamster man at computerOops. Got cupcake crumbs in the keyboard. I don’t think he’ll notice. After all, he’s always eating cupcakes over here. He’ll think they belong to him.

What’s this? Rabid Rodent Fever? Why is the cupcake scarfing human researching Rodent Fever? It’s like he expects me to carry some horrible plague that will wipe everyone out. I never! I hope these cupcake crumbs make his computer keyboard unusable! Rabid Rodent Fever! I’m a perfectly healthy hamster. Want to keep me from biting? Feed me cupcakes!

I hear someone coming! I better get back in the cage…and I’m taking an extra cupcake with me!

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