What’s With the Hamster?

At least one of you are probably wondering what’s with the hamster. He’s everywhere. You can’t visit the SimsFilmFest website or any of the socials without seeing him. It almost – ALMOST – looks like we are hamster obsessed. We’re not. Well, at least most of us aren’t. It’s time for the official introduction.

Meet Hammod. Also know as as Hammod the Hamster or Hammod the Machinima Hamster. Hammod was named after the pet hamster of one of the SimsFilmFest staff members.

For as long as SimsFilmFest has existed we have struggled with representing various aspects of the festival without using the self sims of the staff. SimsFilmFest isn’t about us, it’s about machinima.  While the staff is what keeps the festival going, we don’t want our sims plastered everywhere. The Sims 4 Hamster Pack My First Pet Stuff Pack has allowed us to create a mascot, and he’s a hamster. Yes, we know, hamsters don’t have anything to do with machinima. Just don’t tell Hammod that.

By day Hammod lives in his hamster cage doing normal hamster things like running in his wheel or tubes, sleeping, eating, and plotting to kill off all the humans with Rabid Rodent Fever where he can take over the world. Okay, maybe not that last one. By night, or when the humans aren’t around, he gets out of his cage, becomes human sized, and wrecks havoc around the SimsFilmFestival office. He does things like eat the humans food, “improves” their machinima projects, interferes with the running of the festival (he thinks he’s helping), and tries to make friends with the dog where he doesn’t get eaten.

Occasionally we run fun blogs written by Hammod and we have some additional plans for him that we hope everyone will find useful and entertaining. Now that the purpose of the hamster has been explained, is there anything you want to know about Hammod?

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