How To Machnima: The World

Yes, we know it’s mostly sandy in Oasis Springs, that’s what you keep telling us, but that picture was obviously taken in Willow Creek. 

Well, the Landgraabs didn’t always live in Oasis Springs. They lived in places like Pleasantview and Sunset Valley. This may be Johnny Zests’ story, but it does start with his parents, in Sunset Valley. Since this is the Sims 4, there needs to be a Sims 4 equivalent to Sunset Valley. There are questions that must be answered.

1. How did Geoffrey and Nancy meet? I mean, she comes from a rich family and we don’t even know what his maiden name was. Is it even called a maiden name if a dude takes his wife’s name? Suddenly I am picturing Geoffrey in Cinderella’s maid clothes singing “I Feel Pretty”.

2. Why was Johnny disowned. I mean, we know why, but it seems like there is more to it. Disowning a child for dropping out of school to become a comedian seems a bit extreme. I mean, we are talking not only disowning him, but moving to another city all together where no one knows them to hide the fact that he even exists. Why? I mean, it’s the only logical explanation as to why they don’t know anyone. 

So, the story opens in Sunset Valley. Because of game restrictions, it’s impossible to recreate Sunset Valley, so I have to work with what we have, and this is what I’ve come up with.

TS4 Sunset Valley

First the community lots.

1. Little Corsican Bistro – Because you have to have the bistro.

2 The Bookstore – It looks close enough to the bookstore. The Bookstore was a rabbit hole, this one functions as a library. Works for me.

3. The Community Theater – Again, looks close enough. Also was a rabbit hole and isn’t anymore. It’s almost sad, really. TS4 sims will never know what it’s like to eat magical cookies, talk to a weird stoned caterpillar, and chase a white rabbit.

4 .Sacred Spleen Hospital – I honestly feel that a machinima series could be made out of Sacred Spleen. It would have to be a satire of every hospital show that was ever made.

5. The Criminal Hangout – I always wondered what went on in there….

6. Doo Peas – What kind of name is Doo Peas? Who named that?

7. Hogans Diner – Because Hogans. It’s an iconic greasy spoon. Every city has one. 

8. Central Park. Only it’s not so central. It’s in Magnolia Promenade, which I always thought of as an extension to Willow Creek.

ts4 park

The Residential Lots:

1. The Landgraabs. They get the number one spot, because the story is about them.

The Altos. I have always suspected that they were a mafia family

3. Mosquito Cove. This was always my favourite lot in The Sims 3 for some reason so I had to have it here.

4. Agnes Crumplebottom minus the purse beatings.

5. The Goths. You can’t have anything Sims related without the Goths. It’s a rule written in stone. Someone translated all those alien hieroglyphs that we come across on rocks and that’s what they said. True story.

6. Wan-Goddard. I always thought that Hank was the best looking sim in town and what’s her name and her commitment issues didn’t deserve him. Maybe I was wrong…

7. Sekemoto. Did anyone ever play this family? I don’t even remember seeing them wander around town. Maybe they are still hermits. Maybe I should have picked a different family for extras.

8. Roomies. Everyone knows Cycl0n3 Sw0rd. I find it weird that he became the popular one of the bunch.

9. Bachelor. There is no Mortimer Goth without Bella. They are like peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, spaghetti and meatballs, pickles and ice cream, pineapple and Tabasco sauce. You get the idea. It would just be cruel to have one and not the other. 

10. Langerak. Who are these people?

11. Alvi. Because there always has to be that one person in town that has unnaturally coloured ‘hawk. It’s an unwritten rule.

Empty real estate for rent. TS3 didn’t know what small lots were and in TS4 no one wants them because they don’t want to live in a shoebox with 12 cats.

Now all I have to worry about is the game creating badly dressed townies that need to be taken out and shot for their fashion choices. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about…


Thank you to all the wonderful creators who recreated all these lots and sims from TS3 for TS4! This project wouldn’t be possible without you.

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