Hamster Tails: Day One

I like my new home. Lots of humans here to give me treats. Is that a dog? Why is there a dog here? Service dog? That at least means it has manners. Still looks like it drools a lot. Gross! At least it’s not a cat. Cats are bad. I still have nightmares about how one almost ate me.  I hope that dog keeps cats away. Maybe I should see about getting a service dog for my cat PTSD. Do they even give hamsters service dogs? I have been needless traumatized by a cat and I have needs too!

Are those cupcakes? I want a cupcake! Maybe if I concentrate hard enough, I’ll get one.

Cupcake. Cupcake. Cupcake. CUPCAKE!!!



Pull yourself together Hammod. You’ve not been here a day and already you are losing it…and all over a cupcake. It’s probably not even a good cupcake. Who am I kidding? The second I get out of this cage that cupcake is mine!

The humans are talking about something. Maybe I should listen. They might be talking about giving me a cupcake.

No, nothing about cupcakes. Lots of talk about something called ma…ma…machine…machinima. That’s a hard word, I wonder what it is. Oh! Making movies using video games. That sounds fun. I could do that. I could so do that. I could make a machinima with an all hamster cast and they will get all the cupcakes. It will awesome. I’ll call it Hamster Utopia.

Plans as soon as I get out of this cage:

  1. Cupcake
  2. Hamster Utopia

I should probably chew on a cable or too as well. Have to keep up images.

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