Project Bluelight


Sometimes when I watch a machinima I just go ASJKFHAKJGFSAJKFHSFGSAJFGSAJDHJASFGJKASGFASLF. And cry a little. Because even at the point that I’ve gotten to as a Machinima Master, people still never fail to impress me and make me wonder why I can’t do things.

Then I remember when I REALLY couldn’t do things, because I didn’t know how. I just clicked tab. V. V. And I was DONE. It took me more than a year to figure out how to even film in widescreen, because I was alone in the dark forest all by myself with no one to show me the way.

That’s why I want to show YOU the way! So that you don’t have to cry every time you lose all the quality in your video because you have to crop in order to get rid of vertical letterboxing…..

…Also so that you might understand what vertical letterboxing is. Trust me, I didn’t even know what that was when I was in the dark forest alone. I used to call them “bitch ass black bars on the side of my video.”

This project will show you out of that forest, fast! Plus, there’s a competitive aspect. Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition?





  • It all starts with an entry. All you have to do is send in a treatment* or script of the project that you’d like to make with us and a short little demo reel of your work (this could be in one video or a playlist of multiple short ones).
  • 4 judges (machinima masters) will choose 4 entrants to participate in the showcase!
  • The chosen entrants will be allowed to choose who they wish to work with for the “big” competition. They’ll rank their top two choices and it’ll be decided like a high school course schedule. Things will come down to rock paper scissors if they have to.
  • The chosen ones will work with their machinima master mentors (haaa alliteration) to create one long format film. Mentors will be allowed to work with the chosen ones on their script, promote content, recruit voice actors, find music, and do other things that lead the chosen ones in the right direction!
  • The chosen ones and their mentors will release trailers and posters for their films at the same time, and then the film itself, for Sims Film Fest. These 4 projects specifically involved with Showcase will be judged in a category separate from categories currently pertaining to Sims Film Fest.
  • The winner of The Showcase will have spotlights (interviews, little promotions, etc.) featured on all four of the mentors YouTube channels (and possibly their social networking pages) as well as the SimsFilmFest website, YouTube page, and magazine. They will also have their machinima poster featured on the cover page or inside cover page of a SimsFilmFest magazine and be promoted on social media. (A winners list will begin to be compiled on the SimsFilmFest site as a little feature section!)

*A treatment is a summary of everything that happens in your film. If you’re doing something narrative, this can be as simple as a highlight of events. If you’re doing something more experimental or shot-based, your treatment might be more like a description of what the viewer will see. Treatments for short film things are usually around 500 words. Google some examples.



Your pupil’s project is not yours. You’re simply helping them. You ask them questions that they can answer to figure things out on their own, you give little suggestions, you ask the goals of the project, etc. You NEVER tell your pupil what to do or completely do anything for them. For example, if your pupil wants you to help them edit, let them do all the editing they can by themselves and THEN flavor it a little.
Your master is not your mommy. They will not do everything for you, but they WILL help you. Also, if you don’t get selected as one of the 4 contestants, you can always try again next season! Don’t lose dedication! You can also enter SimsFilmFest, anyway. That isn’t a competition until the end!



  • Open to TS2, TS3, and TS4.
  • Submission period is June 1  through June 30.
  • Scripts/treatments must be no longer than 20 pages.
  • Masters participating this season as mentors are TwistTVShow, Tickled007, SimsBerrry, and Jorgha Haq.
  • Masters will make their decisions between July 1 and July 7. Winners will be announced July 8.
  • If you are chosen for Project Bluelight you will not be allowed another SimsFilmFest entry.
  • One winner will be chosen by community vote.
  • All promotional material created for Project Bluelight machinimas will be promoted equally by the masters. No one mentor will promote solely their pupil’s work. Promo materials will also be shared across the SimsFilmFest social media accounts.



  • Email your script/treatment to with the subject line PROJECT BLUELIGHT ENTRY no later than June 30. You DO NOT have to have a completed script at this time.
  • We will accept MSWord/Open Office documents, PDF files, or links to Google Documents as entries. DO NOT paste your script/treatment in the body of your email. We will reject your entry if you do.
  • Please include on your title page your name or SimsFilmFest username and email address.
  • In your email please include: a link to your YouTube channel, your top two choices (in order) of who you would like to work with.