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Every season we ask for a handful of promotional material to help us promote your machinima projects. Sometimes we get them, sometimes we don’t. Our goal every season is to help get The Sims Community excited about seeing your machinima projects. We can’t do that without the promotional materials that we ask for. They are always optional, but they are also in everyone’s best interest to complete. Posters, trailers, and screen captures are easy to share across our social networking sites and to along away to help promote your projects to people who don’t make machinima but are looking for quality projects to watch. 


retrouvIlles movie poster

Everyone knows what a movie poster is. They are usually one of the first pieces of promotional material that people see for movies, and are a vital tool for the success of a film. They not only create a memorable impression, but contain a lot of information for the film goer: release date, cast, and a rating designating the audience the film is suitable for. They use images, lettering and colours in creative layouts to create a movie-at-a-glace. Think of them as the first impression of a film, and we all know that first impressions matter.

We know that not everyone who participates in SimsFilmFest are photographers or graphic artists. We have very few requirements for posters and they can be as simple or as complex as people want them to be. We will be providing a new tutorial on how to make movie posters prior to the start of Season 18.


Film trailers, along with movie posters, are part of the main marketing package of movies. They provide memorable clips to generate hype about a project.

Let’s be honest, if this trailer spoof put together by The Sims 3 Team were an actual machinima project, we would all probably all watch the sh*t out of the final project.

Sharing trailers across our social media accounts means that people don’t have to go to YouTube to find them. They can just click play and hopefully they will be looking for the final project once it’s done. Advertising made simple in the internet world.



red carpet pictureWe have always thought that doing things “Hollywood style” would be fun for the participants of SimsFilmFest. This means Red Carpet pictures and interviews with directors and cast members. It also brings role play to the festival to help draw people in. 

We have done many things with screen captures from including them with interviews, to doing photo spreads and letting the photos speak for themselves. We have even done Red Carpet interviews. These items have always gone in our magazines that we share across the social networks to help promote the festival and your projects.

Every season there are a lot of people that look forward to seeing the Red Carpet photos. 

We have redone the SimsFilmFest website in hopes that it is easier to use and more effective for promoting your projects. We also have a new idea for our festival magazine that we hope will promote your projects better. Please make sure to provide us with your posters, trailers and photos where we can share them with The Sims Community! 

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