Have You Heard About Simeo?

Simeo, it’s Netflix for sims! Yes we here at SimsFilmFest feel the same way…it’s about time! Here’s the 4-1-1.
What a great idea to have a channel for only sims machinima! Tell us about Simeo.
Simeo is all about machinima creators. You may be wondering: why only machinima and not all sims related content? I decided to feature machinima exclusively because I feel it deserves more recognition. Let’s plays are super popular with Sims and machinima doesn’t get nearly as much love. Creators put way too much effort into their videos for it not to be seen. Simeo is here to showcase their work in a hassle-free platform.
Machinima is an art, a science and so time consuming. We are happy to see creators get their own channel. You can bet those of us involved in SimsFilmFest will be watching! Can you tell us a little about yourself and                                                                                    your history with The Sims?
I’m Dee, otherwise known as WhatTheSims or WTS2. I’ve been creating machinima for almost 10 years now. I love being over-the-top with editing and all that jazz (anyone who knows me would probably say it’s a good and a bad thing :P.  Using Sims tends to limit me a lot, so I’ve experimented with full 3D animation, but of course, that’s an insane amount of work. Because of this, Sims always finds it’s way back into my work even when I’m not using the game. At this point, I’m probably most known for my custom animations, but I would very much like to get back to making series/films.
We would love to see another series from you! And early entries for SimsFilmFest season 19 started December 1! Just sayin’. What inspired your idea for Simeo?
What really motivated me to create the website was the craziness with the recent YouTube changes. In case videos are taken down, I want creators to have another site to upload their stuff.
Tell us how it works.
Simeo works like this: create an account and channel, submit your videos, I fix up the posts and approve them.
I really stress promoting your work and/or the website because I want this to really take off. I’m working hard to make this worthwhile for everyone . <3 There’s also an affiliate system, anytime someone subscribes using your link you get a cut of the profits.
Will there be limits on uploading? Will you have to pay to watch the videos?

As of right now, the only upload limit is video size per post which is 5gb. The only content that is locked behind a paywall is premium content. Premium content is determined by the uploader, they decide if they want their videos to be free or not. All content can be unlocked by subscribing to the site, $5 monthly and $30 annually.

Well thank you from the machinima community for creating a space to share and see everyone’s hard work! 

Editor’s note: Simeo is new and a work in progress so you may see changes on the site! Dee has recently redone the interface and it’s looking good.

Simeo:  https://simeotv.com/


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