Technical Difficulties

I understand that most people are questioning the state of SimsFilmFest at the moment. I’ve even been asked if it’s been canceled because the site playbill is missing, there are wrong links and voting hasn’t started.

SimsFilmFest has not been canceled. We’re just running a bit behind. We are really sorry about this. Life happens.

When the season started we had – or thought we had – one of the largest staffs to date and had huge plans for this season. However, stuff happened and the staff started dropping like flies. I know, such a visual. The thing that everyone has to remember is that everyone on the staff has a life and commitments outside of the festival. This is a hobby, and when there isn’t enough time for everything, SimsFilmFest gets chopped from peoples lists.

This time of year, Gus Rockman is always busy with university. I have been giving him crap for years that he’s going to be a professional student or at least set a new record for longest time to finish a degree. Another staff member has moved on from The Sims and machinima because of game issues and full time employment. A third staff member has been in and out of the hospital because of pregnancy complications. One person bowed out temporarily because university was taking a toll on her mental health. I have always told those on staff that health and school come first, and I really do enforce that. I have no idea where everyone else went. One of those staff members is also one of my voice actors and I didn’t get any lines for one of my projects. It happens.

The day that Peacemaker and I were going to sit down, get the site fixed up properly and get voting up, he got stung in the face by a bee. A pretty brutal localized allergic reaction ensued. The entire side of his face swelled up and his eye was swelled shut. As he was healing up I ended up getting sick. It was my own fault but did confirm for me the dietary changes I made were for the best. Everyone seems to forget that I am disabled with a nice collection of chronic heath issues (much like Pokemon, I am trying to catch them all XD) and sometimes I just can’t do the simplest things. Yesterday was one of those days, and it came complete with a migraine.

All I ask for is patience.

Again, apologies for the delay. Voting will now take place from the 10th to the 25th with winners being announced shortly after.

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