Machinima Monday: Week Ending January , 2019

Welcome to Machinima Monday Week 2. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on this feature. We’re glad that everyone likes this new feature. It’s always exciting to find well done machinima by directors we’re not familiar with. 

This past week there were a few trailers released for things that look really promising. I’ve invited a number of these people to enter their projects in the festival. These videos include Our Hearts are One although It is hard to tell anything from 17 seconds but this does look promising, at least from a cinematography standpoint.

In new machinima this week the next installment of Sharp Keys by Majestic Films is up. This series originally debuted at SimsFilmFest and put Majestic Films into the Masters category. Hopefully we’ll see it back again.


A series I told you about last week, Memorais Ancestrales, already has another episode up.


A French offering, Sims 4 Story #3: La Traque/Vampire de Cimetiere, is quite interesting. I don’t understand a word of French and yet I was captivated by the noir feel to some of it.


Episode 5 of a series called Invitation is up. I invited the director to participate in SimsFilmFest, and was told that he is currently working on the English translations for the series. Personally, I can’t wait. YouTube’s auto-translate feature is horrible. 


I almost overlooked this one because I am not a fan of Kesha, but Apitalis made a video for Praying. For a very first machinima attempt it’s not bad and shows a lot of potential. Their channel is also rather new and has no subscribers. Okay, that’s not entirely true. They have one subscriber…SimsFilmFest. I can’t wait to see how they grow as a machinimator.


Lastly is another music video, Freakshow. It brings to life that creepy side of carnival sideshows. There are some interesting visuals going on that boarder on nightmare fodder. When it comes to these kind of things, I really enjoy the stuff that plays with your psyche more than straight out horror. 

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