Machinima Monday: Week Ending Jan. 13, 2019

As I am writing this, it’s still Monday somewhere. This is a new column idea that I had to help bring some attention to some of the new machinima that has been released this past week. Why are we doing this? We’ve been told that it’s hard to find “good” machinima to watch. We are attempting to help by showcasing weekly finds.

First up is Winter Fairy Tale by Chelsea the Cat. She’s done a lot of filming on her channel for her builds and sims but this looks to be her first official machinima. Winter Fairy Tale is about a family of bears and a vampire that tries to steal Christmas by kidnapping Father Winter. It is very much an original idea but it might not be for everyone. I’ve personally gotten a bit of crap over sharing this with everyone on staff and was told, “You like it because it’s weird.” While I am not going to deny that, it’s still original and I think worth checking out for that alone.


Next up is Memorias Ancestrales (Memories of my Ancestors) by VanexYT. This one is done in Spanish, and I have decided that I really hate YouTubes auto-translate feature. If you can get past that, or understand Spanish, check this one out. It’s a Gothic sort of vampire story as opposed to Twilight or The Vampire Diaries. I get kind of a Dark Shadows (the TV series, not the Tim Burton movie) vibe from it. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. 


Also worth mentioning is the 3rd episode of the German series Seaside by Xayr0 titled Sturm der Emotionen (Stofm of Emotions). You will have to watch the first two episodes to get caught up on this but it’s worth it. Once again, I really hate YouTube’s auto-translate function. This is the story of a group of friends and their adventures around Brindleton Bay. Personally, I think Brindleton Bay is under utilized so that is a nice change.


Be sure to check out the New Machinima playlist. It has a couple other selections from around Christmas from JuliLux3 (hopefully we’ll see her back at the festival this season) and a Russian music video called The Floating World.

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