Coming Soon!

SimsFilmFest season is still a bit off yet, but behind the scenes we are getting ready for Season 18. It’s a big season for us here on the staff because it marks the 10th Anniversary of SimsFilmFest. It’s hard to believe that we have been doing this for ten years and we would like to see the festival continue for many more years to come. We love doing what we do, and we love watching and making machinima with The Sims.

Why have we gone to once a year? There are a lot of little reasons, but in the end we think that it will make for a better festival experience for everyone. SimsFilmFest has always been modeled, albeit loosely, after real world film festivals. Holding the festival once a year extends that model and allows us to showcase machinima projects throughout the year. It means more time to work on projects where they are more of a labour of love and less like a school assignment with a deadline. It also means more time for the staff to be better organized and able to provide the experience that we want to provide.

In the coming weeks there will be changes and updates made to the website to get ready for Season 18. The new festival dates have been posted on the Rules page and the rules have been updated. We hope to see everyone soon!

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