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When the staff came up with the idea for the Showcase Machinima category at the end of last season, it turned into one of those “we’ll figure out later what we are doing with this” things and then we forgot to address it and here we are at the start of Season 14. Confusion among staff (hey, it happens) means confusion for those participating so we took the time yesterday to sort this all out. Here is what you need to know:

  • All machinimas made and released between April 19 and June 30 or October 19 and December 31 (depending on season) are eligible for the Showcase category. Machinima can’t be more than 6 months old and it has to be something not entered in SimsFilmFest previously.
  • This category was designed to help loosen the deadline issue. We really don’t want late entries because A. It makes more work for us B. When we say “films debut on ___” people don’t want to have to keep checking back to see if more things are added C. If your entry is late, there is  good chance people will miss it D. Late entries are at a disadvantage when it comes to voting. We do make exceptions for certain circumstances, but we really want to prevent it. Anyway, this means if you need more time and your project is finished two weeks after the deadline and released, you can enter it in the next festival cycle. We also hope that this category will encourage people who have never before entered SimsFilmFest to enter something.
  • All Showcase machinima will be eligible for the same awards as other entries and will be placed in the proper categories for voting (this means Masters will be placed with Masters, series with series, films with films, etc.).  Before anyone complains about fairness and how Showcase projects are at an ‘advantage’ because they have been out longer, this really isn’t the case. TwistTVShow and I discussed this at length. Views do not translate into votes. Remember, not everyone who watches something is going to vote. If anything, the promotion of a project, regardless of when it was released, through SimsFilmFest is going to result in more views for the project. The majority of people that vote in the SimsFilmFest polls follow what is going on with the festival and watch most of the machinimas before voting. They are not ‘causal’ machinima watchers. If anything, projects released for the festival are going to be at an advantage because they are fresher in peoples minds.  At any rate, these machinimas are well marked where everyone knows what projects were released early.
  • We really need a better name for this category (we don’t want to call them early releases). If anyone has any ideas, we’re open for suggestions.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about any of this let us know. You can comment on the post, leave a comment/message on Facebook, Tweet us, email us, or leave a message on Tumblr. (Tumblr and the site contact form do allow you to send messages anonymously. If you use the site contact form just put “Anon” in the name field and “” in the email field.)

Written by: Jorgha Haq

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