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So this is not your first time in the fest how do you feel about it?
I have submitted to the festival before. I did take a break from machinima though because someone really close to me had died and I didn’t feel like getting out of bed sometimes. And it took a lot for me to come back. However, I love this film fest so much and I love how creative and inspiring everyone is here. I came back with full motivation after my hiatus and it was mainly because of the film fest. I always love to see everyone’s submissions, everyone is always so creative, and I see something new every year.

How did you come across the Fest?
I was in sixth grade. That’s right: middle school. I hated my school and I had quite little motivation to work on my studies or do homework. Therefore, like every unmotivated teen, I spent many hours watching youtube. I came across a video by ApocalypticDogFilms called “Tripping”. By the way, this was 2013. Seconds after the film began, I was in LITERAL TEARS. This is because the opening song was my nana’s favorite song. I was extremely close to my nana and she died recently. The song is called “Whatever will be, will be” by Doris Day. I actually thought about this song recently because we played it at my nana’s funeral. Anyways, I connected with the film itself and I started to do more and more research about this whole idea. I found Sims Film Fest and I was totally into the idea but, I was extremely confused at first. I had no idea how to film, edit, or get voice actors. Writing was easy for me as I had spent a lot of my young life writing but filming and editing took quite a bit of time to get used to. In fact, I spent the first year doing youtube in iMovie. Yikes. Anyways, that’s how I found out about the festival.

Do you think it will be stressful to have multiple projects in the fest?
I am working with another youtuber with one of the projects so hopefully I won’t be too stressed. They wrote the script and will be editing it while I will be filming the machinima.
As for the other project, I have finished filming!

Looking at your channel your active and already on your season 2 of Secrets
[which is amazing] And i know wezz all thinking, is this a sequel to Broken Wings? When someone asked you said “maybe ;)” GURRLL I am ready to know and am definitely looking forward to this machinima!!! Tell me a little bit about some of your older machinimas and what you think you have improved on.
Well, I’ve tried to keep it on the down-low but yes, this is a sequel to Broken Wings. I wasn’t completely done with Tori’s story in the first machinima so I wanted to continue her story. The sequel is quite depressing and hopefully I don’t hype myself up to make another film with these characters. However, I am extremely pumped to show everyone the sequel to Broken Wings!
I think I’ve improved A LOT from my older machinimas. Like I said before, I used to use iMovie on a Macintosh. And filming on a mac was extremely hard. I moved to a PC and my graphics improved drastically. And I’ve been experimenting with editing lately. The audio quality still isn’t great on my new computer but hopefully I can get that fixed. I actually used to have a mini-series on my channel called “Camp Star” which was the first thing I ever uploaded to my channel but I thought it was so embarrassing that I made it private. The sims were ugly, I made stupid mistakes in editing, I used the awful iMovie text for subtitles, and the script made me cringe so much. Let’s hope humanity never sees “Camp Star” again.

So let’s talk about Broken wings and you can say whatever you want just don’t give too much away.
In “No Wings”, Tori is in college and it has been a year after her brother’s suicide. Her mom suffers from dementia now and Tori has to care for her constantly. Tori has no friends and has to cope with her grief alone until she meets Audrey who comforts her in ways that no one has before. Audrey is a new character I introduce in the sequel who becomes a really big part of Tori’s life.

Which Sims directors inspires you? Why?
I’d have to say ApocalypticDogFilms. They motivated me to start simming my way through life. And their films are absolutely moving. No Louis Malle film could move in the way “Homesick”, “Truce”, “Decomposing Emily”, or “Triping” moved me.

Now this is a little challenge i have challenged it with some other fellow Machinima makers!
How can you describe this whole series with only 2 words but at the same time it don’t give it away? For instance JunXcharlie’s Beautiful Problems the 2 are [ TRUST AND LOST LIFE ]
(Note in advance: This sequel really is quite depressing. I was going through a hard time when I wrote it.)

Now from watching your Promo it looks like you may have filmed in actually university
Was that hard with sims having to go to class and all the other stuff it brings?
OH MY GOODNESS YES. It was so hard to film when my sims kept complaining about their bad grades or how they needed to go to class in an hour. I would have to stop filming, let them go to class, wait 24 hours in the game, and start filming again. Very frustrating.
Whos your fav character in your Machinima? Now you don’t have to say names but is it like the main or the supporting and why? Was it the CAS or the dialog?
I’d gotta say it’s Tori. Tori has been through quite the emotional rollercoaster and I relate to her on a lot of personal levels. For example, Tori can be quite stubborn. And people who know me do know that I do not like to be wrong.

What gave you the inspiration for this project?
My inspiration is my nana. She always encouraged my unconventional dreams. I didn’t want to be a lawyer, a doctor, or anything like that. Cinematography has been the dream since I started youtube.

Written by: TenderWolf

I've played The Sims since the very first game. It's quickly become one of my two favorite games of all time. The Sims 3 is my favorite, though The Sims 4 is slowly growing on me. I love SIFF, and have made many friends by partaking in it.

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