After breaking the website, and promising one of tech support guys that I would quit touching things, we are back with another interview. This time with JunXcharlie. Some of you may remember her has SunGisSimmer. Find out about the name change and the personal motivation and story behind her entry this season.


Welcome back to SimsFilmFest.
Thank you I am very happy to be here again!

You used to be known as SunGsiMmer. Why the change in your username?
Well I think when I was originally filming with that name a lot of stuff happened. And I decided I wanted to restart I deleted all my machinimas off my page and started new. The only thing was that my name change was right in between the 3rd place win last year so i was wondering if i should you know delete the machinima but I decided to.

You have participated in SimsFilmFest several times now. What is it that keeps bringing you back to the festival?
Well When i first joined the fest I didn’t really know what to do and just recently I learned about seasons. Personally I create these story to help me and some of the things it helps me knowing that I can share my story without taking them into my life and they still understand EMOTION.

And the fest is a promotion and I can really get myself out there It really means a lot to me!

You did some interviews for us this season (thank you again for that, by the way) and you asked people to describe their machinima in two words without giving away anything. You chose TRUST and LOST LIFE for Beautiful Problems. What would be your two words for The Majestic Touch?Well The Majestic Touch will be realized later on BC. I had voice actor problems but they would be MENTALLY UNSTABLE and BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN which is what my new series is kinda going off of which will be for next season.

You have already released Beautiful Problems. You made a note that you were having problems with copyrights on music. What music had you intended for the video? How much would it have changed how the video comes across or the meaning of it?
Well the first song was beautiful people with beautiful problems by Lana del Rey and Stevie Nicks

And when the world was at war we kept dancing also by Lana del Rey
And the song might have changed the mood of the machinima mostly BC the cover i found and used was not the same.

What was the inspiration behind Beautiful Problems?
The story wasn’t really about or from me to me it was more of an emotion of being Hurt by someone in which has happened to me. And just the feeling of being hurt and you can’t get to them you can’t break through they are gone they just left you there.

Let’s talk about The Majestic Touch. I went back and read the synopsis about it again. It deals with some rather sensitive subject manner. I have to admit, I always get worried when I see a video submitted that deals with abuse and hope that none of it’s drawn from personal experience. Where did you get the idea? Is there anything that you hope people take away from it?
I might release it later on but yes it hurts to say this is a personal experience. I know I’m only 13 and some people say you can’t love anyone at 13 but you know what that’s why what happend happend. And I had someone stand there and rapidly tear me apart and all I could do was just hold on tight and wait for it to be over. And if I do ever realize it I do wanna say I want people around my age to watch it and learn from my mistakes It won’t be candy coated when it is realized you see inside what really happened.

What has been the hardest part about working on The Majestic Touch?
Well i’m not working on it but when I was working on it, it was hard to sit here and not only think about this dark time but bring it to life and show yall how i really felt about it i can say i cried one time watching what I had.

You have already started on another project, Beautifully Broken. What is it about and when do you hope to have it done?
Yeah, indeed I do have a new project in the works and I hope to have it out in about a month or so.

Who are some of the machinima makers that inspire you?
I would have to say Majestic Films and Sadistic Siren BC yes There are people who are amazing but these two I think are proof that you will get amazing. And i JUST THINK THEY BOTH ARE ROLE MODELS for this community.

How has your machinima changed since you started and what is the one thing that you want to improve on?
We’ll See when I started machinima my life had nothing bad. And that’s BC i was in 4th grade and when I got to 5th to about 6th was when stuff started to get bad and I gave up candy coating all my machinimas sometimes I wanna just give it all out. And I hope to at least get better at actually giving my story life it’s hard to recreate something already made and try to show how you actually felt

Written by: Jorgha Haq

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