Interview with Fallen Angel Phoenix

Greetings! Welcome to your first season of Sims Film Fest!

Let’s start simple – can you tell us about yourself?
My name it’s Marina, I’m portuguese girl, since i was a kid i always play video games, like pc games and playstation games.

What made you decide to join Sims Film Fest?
I wanted to do new things and making challenges for myself, but of course i wanted my work be appreciated.

I see lots of romantic and sensual videos on your channel. Your entry into the festival is also classified as romance. How did you decide to focus on that genre?
I loved romance, it’s one of the genre i love so far. But i also want to try apocalypse genre it can be hard but it will be fun. Sensual Body genre it’s a series contains big romance all the time, jealous of course but it’s also to focus more romance.

You also seem to mostly film in The Sims 2. Any particular reason why?
I love sims 2 so far, i also played Sims 3 and Sims 4, but Sims 2 it’s my favourite game since i was a kid until now.

Your entry is based on a manga, I see. It sounds interesting! I do love a good love triangle. What made you decide to turn it into a machinima?
Hard question really, I used and still reading that manga i was inspired to make Sensual Body, i read that manga like 10 times or more, and i wanted to make my own version Sakuya, I’m really in love with Sakuya, the way he turn, and of course the Voice Actor of Sakuya. It’s like Sakuya it’s my obsession, the pictures i took with him, when he makes serious face, his smiles turn into a smirk, Sakuya it’s a character for me i always feel like a fan, i guess for myself to be like Sakuya, erotic, friendly, supportive, be funny, helping always the people he cares the most. Sakuya it’s one the characters i’m more obsessed all the time.

Your channel has a series filmed entirely in The Sims 4. What made you decide to use The Sims 4 for filming purposes?
I never thought to make Sims 4 series, but i don’t know, maybe one day i can make a sims 4 series.

What made you decide to start filming machinima?
I got inspired on videos by AngelBeam19, i watched her series all the time, and then i watched some tutorials how to make machinimas, making my own series, not copy others series but i also i ask some my friends to use their sims to be apart on my projects and i started to do my own series.

How long have you played The Sims?
Since i was a kid, age 12 to now 24.

About how long would you say it takes to finish editing a video before you consider it finished and ready to share?
It takes hours to finish it, but i also i’m waiting for few VO’s to send me their lines, but of course it’s bad when you have to replace few actors but i also has afraid to ask others actors if they want to be apart on the series because your VO didnt send the lines at time.

Do you have any advice for other machinimators?
Always follow your dreams, you have tones of projects? Write them from a paper to not forget, be always happy with the life, we can have bad days but we also are learning our mistakes.

Good luck at your first season of Sims Film Fest, and thanks for joining!

Written by: TenderWolf

I’ve played The Sims since the very first game. It’s quickly become one of my two favorite games of all time. The Sims 3 is my favorite, though The Sims 4 is slowly growing on me. I love SIFF, and have made many friends by partaking in it.

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