IMPORTANT!! SimsFilmFest Poster Issues & Voting

There has been an issue with posters this season. I thought at first it might have been an isolated burp in the system somewhere since we haven’t had any issues prior to this season, but it’s affected more than one person. We are missing a number of posters that were submitted through the site. I honestly don’t know what happened and I am going to have to spend time with tech support in hopes that they can help figure it out (if they can since it’s probably a WordPress issue). A number of the posters that were uploaded went missing after they were uploaded and before I downloaded all of them. Gremlins may have eaten them.

As of right now POSTER VOTING IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED. You can still vote for trailers.

I need everyone effected by the Great SimsFilmFest Poster Glitch of Season 16 to email your posters in ASAP. Because of time zones and the mess they make of things I will give until 9:00am EST on Monday Sept 18 to get them to me. I know whose posters are missing – those people have contacted me – so don’t anyone try to sneak in a poster last second and think I won’t notice 😉

Once I have all the missing posters I will reset the voting for posters and everyone will have to re-vote. I’m sorry about any inconvenience there but it’s only fair to those people who worked on their posters only to have some mysterious machinima god banish them to the dusty corners of cyberspace.

Thanks for everyones understanding and cooperation. It is much appreciated.

Written by: Jorgha Haq

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Site is fixed and everything should be back to normal.
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