Fan Girl: Toddler Terror

If you haven’t seen any of DonZart’s videos, I encourage you to rectify that. His hilarious and unique game play-throughs are always entertaining to watch!

And this season, he entered one of those funny videos into Sims Film Fest! The early released video features a totally unique style of play that’s literally like a game show. The breakdown is like this (taken from the video description):

If your Sim gets chosen, they get to come on the show. They are shown a quick video of the last victim, then asked if they’ll go through the door for $1 million. They say yes, obviously, and then they are asked how many hours they would like to be locked in for ($1,000 per hour) Of course they are all greedy and want to play for the full 24 hours to win the million! Toddlers compete (kill) for what’s behind the curtain to better their life. Every Sim hour, the clock adds $1,000 to the contestant’s total. Every four hours, the contestants are asked over the loud speaker if they want to play on or walk away with their cash.

Ooo, sounds intense! People who fear children may want to avoid this video, though. 😀

Oh, and one other cool fact – all the Sims in this game show? They were created by other players! So you get to watch what happens to your character in this game show-style video! Totally awesome!

In the past, DonZart has also released several game play challenges such as the Mennonite, Asylum, Hell’s Kitchen, Plant, Drifter, and more. And yes, they’re all done in the style where you submit the Sims and watch Don play with them. 😀

As always, the video proved entertaining! Be sure to check it out here!

Written by: TenderWolf

I’ve played The Sims since the very first game. It’s quickly become one of my two favorite games of all time. The Sims 3 is my favorite, though The Sims 4 is slowly growing on me. I love SIFF, and have made many friends by partaking in it.

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