Fan Girl: Mini Challenge

There’s a lot of fun that happens when it comes to SimsFilmFest. But you don’t have to be a director to get in on the excitement!

Over the years, there have been some mini challenges open to the entire Simming community to both challenge and entertain people. Some examples include the “Mannequin,” “Five Facts,” and “Happy” challenges.

Well, we’ve got another one for you! Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create an advertisement!

There are lots of opportunities to be creative here. So long as you aren’t advertising any machinima, anything goes (well, keep it clean, please).

Just check out this funny commercial about ear buds submitted by Snappy World!

Yeah, they definitely won’t fall out! I don’t know about that guy’s eyeballs, but the earbuds sure stayed in!

I love seeing what this community comes up with for these mini challenges. Everyone has their own different form of creativity, and seeing it come to life is always exciting! I hope to see a lot more entries for this challenge, because it has a lot of potential! The sky’s the limit!

For a recap of the rules, here you go:

I have seen so many awesome submissions throughout the years with these mini challenges. And you don’t have to be an expert of any kind to participate! I always get thrilled when someone enters one of these, because you just never know what’s up someone’s sleeve. Let’s have at it, peeps! Plus, this is a great way to practice your own editing/filming/directing skills and pass the time waiting for the big premiere day! WOO!

Written by: TenderWolf

I’ve played The Sims since the very first game. It’s quickly become one of my two favorite games of all time. The Sims 3 is my favorite, though The Sims 4 is slowly growing on me. I love SIFF, and have made many friends by partaking in it.

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