Voice Acting

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Machinima is about more than just the directors and their stories, it is about the people that bring life to the characters. Voice actors can often be overlooked, but they make us fall in love, and love to hate the people we see in any film, MEP, documentary, or series. They are the ones that give you the emotional responses that make you smile with glee, or make your heart sink into the pit of your stomach. So these talented people should rightfully be acknowledged for their skills as well.


Name Character Machinima Role
 Ryan Edwards  North The Kenopsia Effect  Lead
 Carl G. Brooks  Mars The Kenopsia Effect  Lead
 Travis Shanl  Lewis  The Other Half  Supporting



Name Character Machinima Role
 Celestielle  Lumina Leclair  Sun Dawn  Supporting
 Bree Page  Flora Sleeping Beauty  Supporting
 Bree Page  Rhea  Poseidon – Part 3  Supporting
 Bree Page  Quinn  Raison D’etre  Lead
 Rabbit91210  Soyer  Eat  Lead
 Carolyn Potts  Elena  Sun Dawn  Supporting

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