A series gives a director the freedom to explore multiple storylines and plots that intertwine over a number of episodes and seasons. Relationships that can blossom or fall apart, friendships that are made or broken, an evil force that is extinguished, or the overcoming of someone’s own personal demons. These intricate, and often multi-part stories cannot be simply wrapped up in a nice little package like films.


New Series YouTube Playlist

Poster Name Director Game Genre Country
 Raison D’etre
Cornymio  TS4  Drama  Philippines
club retro  Club Retro
 (early release)
 Joshua Panee  TS4  Sci-Fi  United States
 Untitled-1  Million Dollar Toddler Terror
 (early release)
 DonZart TS4  Comedy Canada
 Untitled-1  Requiem of Time  ShootingTrueProductions  TS3  Sci-Fi  Australia
    The Other Half   Simnation Productions  TS3  Sci Fi  Canada
 Sun Dawn  Dreamweaver  TS2  Fantasy  Australia
 Darkness is Coming – Abnormal  ShankShark  TS4  Fantasy  U.K.



Established Series YouTube Playlist

Poster Name Director Game Genre Country
 abandoned  Abandoned Episode 7  Kasey Joy  TS4  Sci-Fi  United States
 Untitled-1  You Have 0 Horror Stories  Cassydiya  TS2  Horror   Kazakhstan
 Untitled-1 Predator – Episode 9  ShankShark  TS4  Drama  U.K.


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