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Machinima music videos are probably one of the most prolific types of machinima out there. They are generally short, but by no means are they simple. Whether it is conveying a message or story in a few minutes, or reproducing complex dance moves and camera work through custom animations and post-editing, they are often as ambitious as any series or film.

Poster Name Director Game Genre Country
 Untitled-1  Pussy Liquor – Rob Zombie
 (early entry)  
 Viewer Discretion Advised
 JenniPop  TS4    USA
   War Of Hearts
 Wekuso  TS4    Poland
 Beautiful Problems  Beautiful Problems  JunXcharlie 2  TS3    United States
 Gasoline  Gasoline  Conceptdesign97  TS4    France
 No More Sad Songs  No More Sad Songs  Shadycmer  TS4    Philippines
   Breathe  Carmen  TS3    Poland
   Hey Violet – Break My Heart  Mykell  TS4    Poland
 Untitled-1  Radioactive    UsagiiNekoChan  TS3    Poland
 Untitled-1  Broken Glass  Elli Darffy Grown  TS3    Brazil


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