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 As everyone knows, by the end of last season I was rather frustrated. I am one person with a lot to do and I have spent a lot of time sick of late. It was bound to happen sooner or later However that doesn’t change the fact that there is a problem that I need to put an end to.

There are actually two parts to this problem. The first is people dropping out of the festival without notifying us. It takes less than five minutes (unless you are the worlds slowest typer) to send an email saying “Hey, I need to drop out of the festival.” You don’t need to give a reason You don’t need to apologize. It doesn’t need to be a formal email. We just need to know. No one is going to be mad or tell you that you can’t enter again or anything. S*** happens. We get it.

The second part of this problem is people signing up for interviews then dropping out of the festival and not telling us, or people signing up for interviews then just not turning them in and not telling us that they don’t have the time they thought they would to do them. These interviews are part of our magazine content. In fact, they are the feature content of Insider Magazine.

it pains me to do this – seriously, I hate it when I have to adult and make adult decisions, especially when they are going to be unpopular – but here is what is going to happen. If you sign up for an interview and just don’t turn it in and don’t communicate with us, you will not, in further seasons, be granted the chance to do another interview. If you can’t make a deadline and need more time – as long as you tell us – that’s fine. If you know you are going to be dropping out of the festival and you’ve signed up for an interview and you let us know we need to fill your interview spot. That’s fine. If you just do a no show, you forfeit any further chance at an interview.

Thanks for understanding.

Written by: Jorgha Haq

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