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The End of Season Feedback Survey is now up on Survey Monkey. We do look into all feedback we are given, but it needs to be stated that we are never going to make everyone happy. There are too many people with sometimes opposing ideas. Some things just can’t be implemented easily. The idea of making changes isn’t to give us extra hours of work. At the point that SimsFilmFest becomes too much like work the festival will be canceled all together. This is part of the reason that Minraed walked away from it. As large as the festival has gotten it is very time consuming and it was taking a toll on her personal life.

To give you an idea of the time that one person puts into SimsFilmFest a week, let me give you a breakdown because I really don’t think a lot of people understand how much goes into putting together SimsFilmFest and keeping it running:

  • Between 1 and 2 hours a day updating the playbill, voice actor directory, and website (sometimes more, especially early in the season)
  • 30 minutes to 1 hour a day updating the YouTube channel. This includes going through participants YT channels to find trailers and finished projects that belong on the playbill that they haven’t sent us.
  • A minimum of 12 hours a week putting together the magazine – this does NOT include the time it takes to chase people down to see if they are going to have their interviews done in time, finding people to fill interview spots that have come up empty or the time spent coming up with interview questions.
  • Around a half hour or so promoting the magazine, the festival and peoples projects on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr a day (granted, we haven’t done as much of this as normal this season because two staff members are attending University full time and have had little time to devote to SimsFilmFest this season, staff illnesses, and other issues we have run into)
  • A minimum of a half hour answering emails.

That comes up to around 33 hours a week on average that I personally put into this, that is part time job hours, and I don’t get paid. Others put in between 8 and 20 hours a week and they don’t get paid. None of us complain about the hours that we put into the festival to keep it running but when people ask us to do more, depending on what it is, can be quite aggravating. We have to find the time between our own projects and real life obligations and responsibilities. We want to do more with the YouTube channel, we want to do podcasts, and another of other neat things but there are time constraints and we need to figure out how to do things without taking on more of a burden. People often come up with ideas not realizing what it would take to put them into practice and without offering to volunteer their time to make these things happen.

Recently we got the following feedback on the End of Season Feedback Survey (I’ve cleaned it up to make it easier to read):

  1. The display on the playlist should be quite bigger than the current one.
  2. It will be cool if you add flags of the country the machinimator is presenting to.
  3. The red carpet time thingy… should have a unique slideshow.
  4. Voice actors should have an issue (Or you should add this in an issue) about what they think of “ALL” the roles they are playing in SIFF. How they understand the character(s), Do they have a hard time doing it? Does the character(s) suit them? (I know you’ve kinda done this in “Voice Reel”, but I want the voice actors to talk about what they think in ALL their roles they are participating on)
  5. There should be anonymous fans sharing their opinions on the coming up machinimas in SIFF or on the machinimas that have already been posted
  6. Also other machinimators should share their opinions on the opposing machinimas

I addressed this on Facebook, and at the time that I made the post, I had been up around 24 hours because I had to deal with unexpected adult stuff and had a headache so I know I came across rather…cranky but it does get to be tiring when people suggest a list of things that will a deal more work to things because people don’t understand what they would entail. Then there are the suggestions to changing major things on the website that would require a deal of coding…none of us are website designers. None of us have taken coding classes. We have built the site using WordPress and a custom theme that we paid for to get the look and feel we wanted, with features that we wanted, and would make updating things as easy as possible.

Now about those two things I highlighted in red. I want feedback and discussion from the community. You can comment on this post, or any post on the site. I have also arranged it where you can comment anonymously (DO NOT ABUSE THIS. I WILL TAKE IT AWAY) if you don’t want your name attached to things. Anyone that has read the newest Insider Magazine already knows that there has been some drama regarding ‘anonymous’ opinions (Ginger’s identity has not been released) telling us this may not be a productive thing.  So please, discuss and give your feedback.


Written by: Jorgha Haq

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  1. Peter Comstock September 29, 2016 |

    I’m really going to only comment on issues 5&6. First and foremost, I believe the internet is already anonymous enough and therefor, I don’t see the need to have anonymous opinions posted or allowed. I feel that if you have an opinion of someones work, you should be able to express that without hiding behind the anonymity. In order to help machinima makers improve their work, I think allowing opinions is a great idea. The ideas should be constructive and not be direct insults of the movie makers efforts. It should also be clear that user opinions should not have an impact on Masters Voting. My two cents on the matter 😛

  2. Anonymous October 5, 2016 |

    I think it’d be super awesome to build up the hype of projects by incorporating the thoughts of fans, anonymous or otherwise! I can see Machinima directors giving their opinions on opposing pieces stirring up some drama, but as long as people are respectful about it, it could be a valuable bit of feedback for directors to work with.

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