Best Music Video Award Error

Sending out awards today I discovered two mistakes in the magazine. I’m surprised no one told me about the duplicated page.  The second mistake is more of an issue though. We made an error on the Music Video Awards. Our apologies. The winners should be: First Place – Broken Glass

Insider Magazine – End of Season Edition

It’s finally time! I want to thank everyone for being super patient while the magazine was put together. I know it’s two days late and for that I apologize. It would be nice if my body understood that that there are things that need to be done and cooperate. (Like

S16 Final Magazine & Winners

I am feeling a bit bad. This season has kind of been a mess and now I come bearing more bad news. There is going to be a slight delay in the magazine announcing the winners. The magazine e is about half done so its going to be another day

Best TS3 Machinima Award Will NOT Be Given

Voting polls for this season have closed and looked over. I may have inadvertently ended up closing them a day early so I hope that everyone who wanted to vote go to. (Those that are voting for Tech Merit awards, you have until tomorrow night).  As everyone can tell by

The Future of SimsFilmFest

First thing is first. I know everyone is wondering where the voting polls are. They will be up later tonight. I was giving everyone time to look over the playlists and let me know if there is anything that needs fixed since we have had a few glitches this season

The Sims International Film Festival was created in 2010 as a way to foster creativity in The Sims community through machinima, an art form that uses video game footage to make movies. Over the years, as new entries in The Sims franchise were released and new editing methods became available, we’ve seen a lot of changes, but one thing has remained constant: our commitment to showcasing the creativity of this community and inspiring new artists.

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Playable Pets Mod - think #machinima possibilities - for #ts4
Best Music Video Award Error