The Otherworld – Part 2

Director: DNL Films.
Year: September 2013.
Cast: Samantha Lowe, SandyGrease1, Tysonater, Vanille Velasquez, LoraineVA, Ameangelofsin, and The JDK Production.

The Otherworld, the mysterious tropical islands located somewhere in South Pacific. There are eight people who are about to discover a new turning point on their lives after an airplane crashed in the main island, killing everyone except them.
After the dangerous encounter with the monster, Chloe, Samantha, Taylor and Alex follow their way to an abandoned building in the middle of the jungle where they got trapped due to a door malfunction, but after a while they got rescued by Kai, another survivor from the plane crash. They decide to leave the building and reach the coast line where they found the rest of the survivors – Charles, Alana and Jason. Now, their mission is to find the crash site and send a radio signal hoping to return home without taking risks.

Written by: Gus Rockman

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