Missing Pieces

Director: HDS Creations.
Year: September 2012.

Norah is threatened by her boss. She has to prove him she can still write a good article for his newspaper; so she sneaks into a scientist’s mansion looking for something intriguing.
Sadly, once in there, the only thing she can witness it’s a funeral.
In the same place, there’s also Leon. The trustworthy lawyer of Simon Bennett.
As he sees Norah, he asks her to go outside for a talk, ignoring that he is under his boss surveillance.
Outside they argue. Angrily, Leon orders her to leave; only when she’s gone, he realizes they were both seen from his client.
The day after, Simon faces Leon. And he plans an ambush to caught Norah on the act.
Once trapped, Norah awakes in a cellar. Simon, faces her, and then goes outside to talk to Leon about the “Hostage”.
Leon knows that Norah’s life now depends on him, so – while his client is away – he goes to see her, and tries to set her free. Vainly.
The boss sees everything and hits Leon with a laptop, then locks the door.
Caught, weak and trapped; Leon can only wait for some mercy to come.

Written by: Gus Rockman

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