The Death of Simatography

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I want to talk to a bit about the history of SimsFilmFest this week. Sort of. As some of you know, SimsFilmFest used to be hosted over at Simatography in the forums and run by Minraed. I always thought that stuffing the festival away in a forum was doing it a disservice.

Originally, when Minraed stepped down as the person behind SimsFilmFest, she had plans to keep Simagography going. She wanted to revamp the site and do more with the photography end of The Sims. The plan was for the site to remain.

Life happens and things change. I actually haven’t heard from Min in some time. She’s obviously moved on to things other than The Sims. I thought that might happen, but it’s become obvious, as the Simatography website is gone.

Simatography housed some great tutorials and information that has now been lost. It also housed the archives of the first 12 seasons of SimsFilmFest. All the movie posters and festival posters people made. Custom Content. Battle of the Bands. Photography tutorials. I am probably missing something, but the point is, the first 6 years of the festival have been lost to the internet black hole that happens when a site remove and no archive is made. All that is left is what was publish through Issuu, and that is only a small fraction of things.

I would love nothing more than to build a machinima community where people can share idea, ask questions, and promote their creativity. I want to fill the void that is left by Simatography. I also don’t know how best to do this. We briefly had a forum on the site that wasn’t used and served as nothing but a security breech.

I am opening the door to discussion about what the machinima community wants, needs and would like to have. What kind of community resources would you like to see SimsFilmFest provide? Please use the comments section to share your thoughts.

Written by: Jorgha Haq

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  1. BeNna TV August 8, 2017 |

    I think it would be great to have a similar site to Simatography. I don’t think we need anything more and anything less than what Simatography has had.

  2. cornymio August 11, 2017 |

    There’s a promising amount of content from SimsFilmFest that’s pretty much substantial to starters and other experienced content creators, but I agree with whatever the others have commented here; I’d like to see a recurring series about the existing film roster as well as voice actor interviews, probably when there are a lot of staff members to help out.

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