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Today was supposed to be the opening day of SimsFilmFest and I am experiencing a deal of frustration right now in regards to the festival. I chose not to do the last magazine because I couldn’t write anything without being bitchy. I’m still having that problem. Over the last two and a half weeks or so I have gotten an plethora of people asking me the same two things.

1. Why isn’t my trailer/machinima on the playlist?
2. I’m confused by the email you sent out. When are projects due?

This is seriously aggravating because people who have entered the festival numerous times are telling me they didn’t know they were supposed to send in emails with links to their trailer and finished project. I have always asked for this. I remind everyone of this constantly in the magazine, and on Facebook and Twitter. It’s always been in the welcome information.

And yet people are telling me they didn’t know they were supposed to be sent in.

I also have people telling me that they are confused by the date changes when I sent out an email to everyone (as well as posting in the magazine, and on social networking sites) explaining why the date change and when things were due. What is so confusing about “You have an extra week for everything”? Many of these same people are telling me that they found that information over a week after I sent it out.

To add to all of this, I have had people tell me that they don’t read the welcome email along with the announcements that I have put out that are important to the festival or the announcements in Insider Magazine.

I seriously feel like I am wasting my time here.

I am going to say this one time. The rules are on the site. Read them. If you have questions, check the rules and see if your question is answered. If it’s not, ask away. Everything that you need for the festival is on the site. It is up to everyone who has entered to keep up with what is going on with the festival. We put everything in Insider Magazine and try very hard to put things on Facebook and Twitter. If you can not be bothered to read the rules and keep up with the information we put out, why enter the festival?

The staff that keeps this running his very small and the bulk of the day to day things that have to be done fall on one person. Me. I love SimsFilmFest. I love running it. I want to give people a way to showcase their machinima, but I am one person and spending at least an extra four hours a week sifting through YouTube channels adds to my work load. Every entrant is responsible for their projects and making sure I get the link to trailers and finished projects. Think of it as homework. Teachers don’t chase down students for homework assignments. I’m not chasing people down for their entries and promo material. This is supposed to be a hobby for everyone, myself included. It is becoming more and more like work.

I am also not getting what is needed for the magazine. Every season I have people who say they want to do an interview and I send them questions and never get them back. It’s happened again this season. I ask for pictures from machinimas to go with interviews and it’s a 50/50 shot if I get them. This is your festival. You get out of it what you put into it. Insider Magazine has two purposes:

1. Share information people need
2. Promote the projects in the festival

If I don’t get the promo material there is no reason for a magazine. Information can be posted on Facebook and Twitter and on the website.

Based on the turnout so far for the Red Carpet, I am assuming people are no longer interested in this aspect of the festival. If this is indeed the case, after this season it will be removed from the festival. Currently we do not have enough pictures to justify a Red Carpet Edition of the magazine.

So, once again, there will be no magazine this week. Next week will run the last of the interviews along with what Red Carpet pictures we have. Poster and Trailer winners will be announced.

  • April 8th the festival opens. No finished projects will be accepted after April 11. April 11 the last season magazine will be put out with the final couple interviews, what Red Carpet pictures we have and the Poster and Trailer winners will be announced.
  • April 11th voting opens.
  • April 25th voting closes
  • April 26th winners will be announced.
  • Machinima Magazine will be put out June and July (maybe August)
  • July 1 we start taking entries again.

Written by: Jorgha Haq

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